The Styrenes - City Of Women

The Styrenes - City Of Women

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01. Transmogrify (John Morton) 1:38
02. No Means No (Tom Warnick) 2:38
03. Fly Away (Tom Warnick) 2:30
04. Mr. Handsome (Tom Warnick) 2:29
05. Imposter (Tom Warnick) 3:41
06. When I Was Young* (Briggs, Burdon, Jenkins, McCulloch, Weider) 4:51
07. One More (Tom Warnick) 3:44
08. City Of Women (Tom Warnick) 1:51
09. Agitated** (McMahon, Morton, Marotta) 2:01
10. I Am Scared (Tom Warnick) 2:43
11. I Wish I Was High All The Time (Jamie Klimek) 3:42
12. Big Room (Tom Warnick) 4:26

Paul Marotta: vocals, guitar, piano
U.K. Rattay: guitar
Al Margolis: bass, vocals
John Keith: drums, vocals

All Songs published by Jilmar Music and Rattay Music, except:
* Carbert Music Inc, Little A Music, Unichappell Music Inc
** Jilmar Music, Imitation of Life Music

Produced by Paul Marotta and U.K. Rattay
Mixed in August and September, 2006 by George Evageliou at G E Studio, NYC and by Jürgen Müller at Pink Noise Studio, Aachen

Recorded by Jimmy Goodman at Leopard Studio, Stone Ridge, NY
Mastered by Michael Schwabe at Monoposto, Düsseldorf

Cover design by Harald Bernhard
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