Botanica - vs. The Truthfish

Botanica - vs. The Truthfish

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1. String Intro 0:48
2. The Truth Fish 5:32
3. The Flag 5:34
4. Good 6:17
5. Billboard Jesus 3:18
6. Love Is The Difference 4:02
7. Closed 4:43
8. You 4:10
9. The Missing Link 0:17
10. Swimming In The Ocean At Night 5:07
11. Shy Or Stupid 4:14
12. Limerence 1:46
13. Lost 3:30

Words: Paul Wallfisch
Music: Botanica
except „ Good“ by Bongers/ Flynn/ Kaplan/ Wallfisch
„ Lost“ words & music Andrews/ Wallfisch
„ Billboard Jesus“ words & music Wallfisch

John Andrews: guitar, voice
Christian Bongers: bass, voice
Keith Crupi: drums
Paul Wallfisch: voice, keyboards, omnichord, theremin
Matt Flynn: drums & Oren
Kaplan: guitar on „Good“
Olivier de la Celle: guitar & harmonium on „Billboard Jesus“ & „Closed“
Meredith Yayanos: violin
Karen Waltuch: viola and the mystery cellist
Mandy Kardinal blesses the mic on „Swimming In The Ocean At Night“

Recorded by Ulli Pösselt at Red House, Gelsenkirchen, Germany,
assisted by Markus
„ Good“ recorded at Blam Studio, Chicago by Sean Morrison
Mixed by Pete Min, except „The Flag“, „Limerence“ and „Lost“ by P.W.
Mastered by Dave McNair/ Unity Mastering
Produced by Paul Wallfisch except „Billboard Jesus“ by Wallfisch & Bongers & „Love Is The Difference“ by Botanica
Cover Painting „Sharon Tate’s House“ © Dexter Dalwood,
Design: Ken Kavanagh/ P.W.
Photos by Philip Lethen, Ivan Knight and P.W.
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